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How to transition from using Google Hangouts to Hangouts Meet

Автор: | 24.05.2018

G Suite will transition from Hangouts to Hangouts Meet starting May. Hangouts meeting links will still work during the transition period, but as of late May 2018, when a person who uses G Suite adds conferencing to a Google Calendar event the link will be to Hangouts Meet instead of Hangout. What’s Hot at TechRepublic… Читать далее »

How to connect your Android device to your Linux desktop

Автор: | 22.05.2018

If you’re an Android and Linux user, you know well the frustration of not being able to connect those two together, especially given that Android makes use of so much of the Linux kernel. Out of the box, these two should easily communicate. They don’t. Fortunately, a lot of work has gone into making this… Читать далее »

What Linux apps on Chrome OS means for open source

Автор: | 17.05.2018

Image: Jack Wallen I own a Pixel 2 laptop. Right now, it’s collecting dust, which is a shame, as it’s some of the best hardware I’ve ever used. And don’t get me wrong, for the longest time I used that Pixel proudly. But eventually I needed more like when edits came back for a book… Читать далее »

How to use Gmail offline

Автор: | 17.05.2018

In a hurry? Here’s a quick summary of the steps to enabling Gmail offline access: Log in to your Gmail account. Click on the gear icon to open the Gmail menu, then click Settings. Under Settings find Offline. Click on it. In the Offline menu, click Enable Offline Email. Choose how many days to sync,… Читать далее »

Google Cloud Platform: A cheat sheet

Автор: | 15.05.2018

From its humble beginnings with Google App Engine back in 2008, Google has grown its Google Cloud Platform (GCP) into one of the premier cloud computing platforms on the market today. While it is still following its top competitors Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, Google is holding its own in the cloud wars… Читать далее »

How to use Confidential Mode in Gmail

Автор: | 10.05.2018

Image: Google By now you’ve certainly heard all about the new Gmail features, and with good reason. A Gmail overhaul has been long overdue. But little did we know that Google would roll out some serious game-changing features to the rather mature email service. One of those features could make some serious noise for businesses… Читать далее »

If you’re hesitant to adopting a password manager, Remembear might be right for you

Автор: | 10.05.2018

If you’re a mobile user, you’ve probably heard of Tunnelbear—that whimsical VPN tool that helped make using a mobile VPN client something anyone could feel comfortable with. Well, the makers of that user-friendly tool have released yet another tool that could find favor among those with less-than-elite aspirations with their mobile devices. That tool is… Читать далее »

As Cambridge Analytica closes shop, Facebook adds privacy tools

Автор: | 10.05.2018

TechRepublic’s Dan Patterson appeared on CBSN and spoke to host Vladimir Duthiers about the Cambridge Analytica shut down and how Facebook is trying to win back users’ confidence. Duthiers: In «PrivacyWatch,» the data firm Cambridge Analytica is shutting down following the scandal involving 87 million Facebook users. Cambridge Analytica says in a statement it will… Читать далее »

Mozilla: Enterprise IT pros can customize Firefox 60 for their employees

Автор: | 10.05.2018

On Wednesday, Mozilla released Firefox Quantum for Enterprise, which IT professionals can customize to meet the specific needs of their employees and workplace. Similar to how users set up personal Firefox browsers with their own preferences, IT pros can configure Firefox Quantum for Enterprise for an organization using either Group Policy on Windows or a… Читать далее »

IT: Patch these critical new vulnerabilities in Windows, Adobe, and OS kernels

Автор: | 09.05.2018

On Tuesday, Microsoft issued patches for two vulnerabilities presently being leveraged by hackers. The most pressing of these—CVE-2018-8174—is a vulnerability in the VBScript engine, which can be exploited with relative ease in a Microsoft Office document that uses an ActiveX control, as well as Internet Explorer (IE) and any other software using the Trident rendering… Читать далее »