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Mozilla’s new Firefox service can tell users if they’re a victim of a data breach

Автор: | 26.06.2018

Mozilla is now offering the ability to check if Firefox users have been the victim of data breaches through the new Firefox Monitor service. The service uses the dataset of the popular website Have I Been Pwned? (HIBP), which collects and analyzes the database dumps disseminated in the darker corners of the internet. From this… Читать далее »

How Kiwi Browser could actually make the mobile web usable for business pros

Автор: | 26.06.2018

Despite years of advances, the mobile web remains frustratingly difficult to use—doubly so if you’re a professional trying to finish some important work on the go. However, the new Kiwi Browser for Android could eliminate some of the challenges of the mobile web and boost its usability. As noted in an exclusive report on our… Читать далее »

Microsoft Edge users should patch to avoid data-scraping Wavethrough vulnerability

Автор: | 21.06.2018

A vulnerability in Microsoft’s Edge browser that allows a malicious website to gain access to the contents of other web pages, regardless of if they were opened in the browser at the time, was patched as part of the June 2018 round of Patch Tuesday updates. The vulnerability relates to the behavior of using service… Читать далее »

SharePoint Spaces: Microsoft takes collaboration to a new dimension with mixed reality

Автор: | 21.06.2018

Virtual and augmented reality might be moving from a novelty to a useful tool. Certainly, software vendors like Microsoft and Adobe are taking VR and AR seriously. Adobe’s Project Aero shows that the company is expecting mainstream designers to need to create AR and VR experiences, while Microsoft has already taken a big bet on… Читать далее »

Five free apps to help remind you to take a break

Автор: | 20.06.2018

Working too long without taking a break can have a toll on your mental, and physical, health. We’re all guilty of sitting in one position for too long, not getting up to stretch, and ending up sore, strained, and fatigued because of it. When this article was initially published in 2015 it listed five desktop… Читать далее »

Here are the latest Chrome OS devices that will support Linux apps

Автор: | 18.06.2018

The ability to run Linux apps in virtual machines in Chrome is expanding beyond Google’s flagship Pixelbook line of Chromebooks. The feature, for which plans were first discovered in late February, was formally announced by Google at I/O 2018. Unlike the existing solution, Crouton, support for Linux apps does not require enabling developer mode on… Читать далее »

Google работает над получением сертификации Windows 10 для Pixelbook » Community

Автор: | 14.06.2018

Google Pixelbook — флагманское устройство на базе Chrome OS, которое, по всей видимости, вскоре получит поддержку Windows 10. Энтузиасты на форуме XDA обнаружили доказательства того, что Google работает над получением сертификации для запуска Windows 10 на Pixelbook. В исходном коде можно найти упоминания WHCK и HLK, которые относятся к набору Windows Hardware Certification Kit и… Читать далее »

Here’s why Google is killing off inline installation for Chrome extensions

Автор: | 14.06.2018

Google has taken the first steps in changing how Chrome users find and install extensions: Beginning today Chrome will phase out inline extension installs and push users to the Chrome Web Store instead. Chrome users who have been to a website that prompts them to install an extension are familiar with the inline installation process,… Читать далее »

Here’s why Apple is banning cryptocurrency mining on iPhones and iPads

Автор: | 13.06.2018

Despite its continued popularity, cryptocurrency continues to have a rough 2018, with multiple websites and platforms banning ads and apps that secretly use your device to mine for a variety of cryptocurrencies. Apple quietly updated its App Store review guidelines, banning apps from running «unrelated background processes, such as cryptocurrency mining.» «Apps may facilitate virtual… Читать далее »

How to use Chrome’s built-in anti-malware tool

Автор: | 12.06.2018

Malicious software continues to rise and it’s IT’s job to prevent such code from finding its way to end-user systems. But because it’s your job to serve as the front line assembly of defense, it doesn’t mean you can’t empower your users (and their tools) to give you a hand. Chances are your company already… Читать далее »