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Дополнение для Firefox, Chrome и Vivaldi обеспечивает интеграцию с Windows Timeline » Community

Автор: | 16.07.2018

Функция Timeline стала доступна всем пользователям вместе с релизом Windows 10 April 2018 Update несколько месяцев назад, однако, помимо приложений Microsoft, таких как Edge и Office, разработчики сторонних приложений до сих пор не интегрировали в свои продукты поддержку этого функционала. В особенности, поддержка Timeline может быть полезна для пользователей сторонних браузеров, будь то Chrome, Vivaldi… Читать далее »

How to install and use the Avast Online Security extension in Firefox

Автор: | 07.07.2018

These days, we need every single bit of security we can find. And platform doesn’t matter. That’s right, once upon a time I’d have said, «If you’re looking to keep your computing experience 100% safe, you should be using Linux!» However, now that so many depend upon a web browser to get their work done,… Читать далее »

How to use Vivaldi’s Web Panels

Автор: | 07.07.2018

Recently, the Firefox Test Pilot program introduced a new experiment called Side View, which enables users to add websites into a sidebar that allows for side-by-side viewing of pages in the same tab. When I first started using Side View, I knew there was no going back … this experiment made for some seriously efficient,… Читать далее »

Internationalized domain names create phishing risks: Here’s a solution

Автор: | 28.06.2018

When ICANN began to allow registration of internationalized domain names—that is, domain names that use non-ASCII characters—they unwittingly opened a new method for phishing campaigns to succeed. Visual similarities between characters in different scripts, called homoglyphs, can be used to create domain names with visually indiscernible differences that can be used to easily fool users… Читать далее »

5 Firefox Quantum updates for more productive web browsing

Автор: | 28.06.2018

Quantum was a Firefox game-changer last year, making the browser smarter and faster than ever before. That was before Firefox 61. An update to the Quantum, Firefox 61 is an even speedier and more reliable browser, announced Mozilla in a Tuesday blog post. The update improves Quantum by parallelizing the parsing step, making pages with… Читать далее »

5 new cyberthreats pop up every second, here’s how to protect yourself

Автор: | 27.06.2018

The start of 2018 has seen a massive rise in cryptocurrency mining and cryptojacking attacks, along with steady numbers of familiar malware and ransomware attacks, according to a Wednesday report from McAfee. On average, five new threat samples arose every second of Q1 2018, with several notable campaigns demonstrating just how sophisticated hackers have become.… Читать далее »

New Windows 10 vulnerability bypasses OS defenses, says security researcher

Автор: | 27.06.2018

Windows 10 PCs are at risk from hackers exploiting a file format to bypass key defenses in the OS, according to new security research. The .SettingContent-ms file type can be used to to run arbitrary, and potentially dangerous, code, Matt Nelson of Specter Ops security research has found. The arbitrary code could be run on… Читать далее »

Mozilla’s new Firefox service can tell users if they’re a victim of a data breach

Автор: | 26.06.2018

Mozilla is now offering the ability to check if Firefox users have been the victim of data breaches through the new Firefox Monitor service. The service uses the dataset of the popular website Have I Been Pwned? (HIBP), which collects and analyzes the database dumps disseminated in the darker corners of the internet. From this… Читать далее »

How opaque WebAssembly code could increase the risk of Spectre attacks online

Автор: | 25.06.2018

In the wake of the disclosure of Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities in January, browser vendors scrambled to create mitigations to prevent the vulnerabilities from being exploited via maliciously-crafted web pages, as a JavaScript-based proof-of-concept was developed by researchers that could read the memory of the host browser process. Foremost among the mitigations to this attack… Читать далее »

Microsoft Edge users should patch to avoid data-scraping Wavethrough vulnerability

Автор: | 21.06.2018

A vulnerability in Microsoft’s Edge browser that allows a malicious website to gain access to the contents of other web pages, regardless of if they were opened in the browser at the time, was patched as part of the June 2018 round of Patch Tuesday updates. The vulnerability relates to the behavior of using service… Читать далее »