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How to become a developer: A cheat sheet

Автор: | 10.07.2018

Developers are among the most highly sought-after tech professionals in the workforce, with increased demand and talent shortages leading to large salaries for many of those in the field. That said, software development is a dynamic field, in which new programming languages, frameworks, and technologies may live and die within a few years, and job… Читать далее »

This new dual-platform malware targets both Windows and Linux systems

Автор: | 09.07.2018

One of the oft-repeated reasons for using alternative operating systems is the suggestion that alternatives to Windows are more secure because malware is not produced for these minority systems—in effect, an argument in favor of security by minority. For a variety of reasons, this is a misguided notion. The proliferation of web-based attacks—which are inherently… Читать далее »

Raspberry Pi: A cheat sheet

Автор: | 03.07.2018

The Raspberry Pi’s success defied expectations. Conceived as an affordable computer for getting kids to learn how to code, its creators thought they’d sell 1,000. They’ve sold more than 18 million. Here’s why. SEE: Hardware spotlight: The Raspberry Pi (Tech Pro Research) Executive summary What is the Raspberry Pi? A credit card-sized computer that costs… Читать далее »

IT-школа Samsung: от обучения до профессионального программирования

Автор: | 03.07.2018

В 2018-2019 учебном году учащиеся из 6 городов Украины смогут пройти бесплатное обучение программированию благодаря проекту «IT-школа Samsung», который предусматривает основы разработки приложений под систему Android. Этот проект был создан при поддержке Министерства образования и науки Украины, а также Института модернизации содержания образования, и рассчитан на учащихся старших классов общеобразовательных школ. Зачисление в… Читать далее »

Microsoft Azure IoT Edge goes live, simplifies deployments with 3 new features

Автор: | 29.06.2018

On Wednesday, Microsoft announced the general availability of Azure IoT Edge, a fully managed cloud service that helps enterprises generate more useful insights from the data collected by Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The service «delivers cloud intelligence locally by deploying and running artificial intelligence (AI), Azure services, and custom logic directly on cross-platform IoT… Читать далее »

How to protect your organization against 5 common browser security threats

Автор: | 22.06.2018

Regardless of your choice of web browser, there are both engineered and unintentional threats which can put you at risk when using it. I wrote this past April about five common browser security threats, and how to handle them. Unfortunately, there are well more than five threats which can target the web browser and it… Читать далее »

The 7 most popular programming languages for AR and VR developers

Автор: | 22.06.2018

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are slowly but surely gaining more business use cases as the technology develops, leading to an increased demand for skilled developers who can create apps for the enterprise. While VR has perhaps made the largest impact on the consumer side thanks to gaming, enterprise AR adoption is further… Читать далее »

Making sense of Microsoft’s cloud developer platform

Автор: | 18.06.2018

In early 2016, Microsoft stated in a “Microsoft by the numbers” announcement that more than 25% of Azure virtual machines (VMs) were Linux. By the end of 2016, it was saying “nearly one in three”. In October 2017, it announced 40% of VMs in Azure were running Linux. «; } }); /** * remove unnecessary… Читать далее »

Cisco ACS vulnerability lets attackers remotely control servers: Are you at risk?

Автор: | 07.06.2018

A critical vulnerability found in Cisco Access Control Server (ACS) allowed attackers to obtain the credentials of privileged users and run commands on a server, according to a Thursday report from Positive Technologies. The flaw CVE-2018-0253 was found in the corporate authentication and accounting solution’s web interface, Positive Technologies researchers found. It received a CVSS… Читать далее »

Attackers can hide malware in archive files with Zip Slip flaw; here’s how to fight it

Автор: | 07.06.2018

A recently disclosed vulnerability in how open source software libraries handle archive files reveals that it only takes a malicious archive and a lack of validation checking to give total control of a victim machine to an attacker. Dubbed Zip Slip, the vulnerability was discovered by researchers from software firm Snyk, and it affects multiple… Читать далее »