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The 10 programming languages developers use most with Node.js

Автор: | 31.05.2018

Three out of four Node.js users plan to increase their use in the next year, due to the JavaScript runtime environment’s ability to build mobile, web, and IoT applications, along with robotics and API engines, according to a Thursday report from the Node.js Foundation. The foundation surveyed some 1,600 tech workers and managers across more… Читать далее »

The top 10 jobs older tech workers are seeking, and how to land one

Автор: | 30.05.2018

The tech industry struggles with pervasive ageism in hiring, but older and younger workers also tend to seek different jobs in the field, according to a Wednesday report from job search site Indeed. Millennials are now the largest generation in the US labor force, and tend to be more interested in tech jobs than their… Читать далее »

Google Cloud Platform: A cheat sheet

Автор: | 15.05.2018

From its humble beginnings with Google App Engine back in 2008, Google has grown its Google Cloud Platform (GCP) into one of the premier cloud computing platforms on the market today. While it is still following its top competitors Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, Google is holding its own in the cloud wars… Читать далее »

Why Amazon and Red Hat are the two biggest winners in enterprise cloud

Автор: | 14.05.2018

In picking winners in the cloud wars, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most obvious choice. As the resident hegemon, it’s hard to argue with a company that has accelerated its growth over the past two quarters on top of a run-rate that dwarfs that of all other vendors…combined. No, this doesn’t mean that Microsoft… Читать далее »

5 key takeaways from Red Hat Summit 2018

Автор: | 12.05.2018

The annual Red Hat Summit was held in San Francisco this past week and covered a wide array of topics including API management, application development/delivery/platforms, business automation, containers, data and analytics, DevOps, emerging technologies, hybrid cloud infrastructure, infrastructure modernization and optimization, mobility and security. Every summit involves new announcements and developments pertaining to the open… Читать далее »

The 6 best blockchain jobs of the future

Автор: | 12.05.2018

While blockchain adoption remains slow, industries including finance, manufacturing, and healthcare are exploring the developing technology’s potential to create business advantages like reduced operational costs, faster transaction speeds, and more secure records. An estimated 1,520 blockchain startup companies are now looking for workers, along with a number of corporations like IBM and Microsoft. As the… Читать далее »

10 questions developers should ask employers during a job interview

Автор: | 10.05.2018

Landed an interview for a developer job? While it’s important to prepare for the questions you might be asked by the employer, it’s also key to know what questions you will ask them. «Forgoing the opportunity to ask questions means missing out on the opportunity to learn about the nature of the work the role… Читать далее »

Google’s ARCore updates make it easier for businesses to develop AR apps

Автор: | 10.05.2018

Google has announced changes to ARCore as part of its annual I/O developer conference. ARCore is Google’s Android augmented reality (AR) development kit, and the company claims hundreds of ARCore apps have been built for Android since ARCore left testing and went live three months ago. AR is one of the few areas where Google… Читать далее »

Equifax breach lessons not learned

Автор: | 10.05.2018

Poor cyber security practices around downloading and patching software are exposing thousands of organisations to cyber attacks, according to security firm Sonatype. In the year since the breach of 148 million Equifax records belonging to US consumers and 694,000 UK consumers, up to 10,800 organisations – including tech firms, car manufacturers, financials services, and insurance firms –… Читать далее »

Demand for big data contractors sees 128% year-on-year increase

Автор: | 10.05.2018

The demand for contractors in the big data field has increased by 128% year-on-year, according to research by recruitment firm Experis. The study found that firms in the UK are increasingly demanding big data contractors, and that demand for big data skills and professionals with these skills has increased by 78% over the past year.… Читать далее »