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How to become a developer: A cheat sheet

Автор: | 10.07.2018

Developers are among the most highly sought-after tech professionals in the workforce, with increased demand and talent shortages leading to large salaries for many of those in the field. That said, software development is a dynamic field, in which new programming languages, frameworks, and technologies may live and die within a few years, and job… Читать далее »

How open source can transform the way a company’s developers work together

Автор: | 03.07.2018

Open source has been a tech mainstay for decades in large part, as Tilde co-founder and JavaScript veteran Yehuda Katz has argued, because it «gives engineers the power to collaborate across …companies without involving [business development].» «The benefits of this workaround are extraordinary and underappreciated,» Katz continued. But open source offers something just as extraordinary… Читать далее »

10 apps that make Chromebooks feel like a real desktop

Автор: | 27.06.2018

Nowadays, most of the work we do is online; and as people become less wary of the cloud, our values change regarding what we need in a personal computer. While critics initially wrote off the Google Chromebook as a curiosity, Chromebooks are gaining traction with consumers, in education, and in the enterprise. While the move… Читать далее »

How opaque WebAssembly code could increase the risk of Spectre attacks online

Автор: | 25.06.2018

In the wake of the disclosure of Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities in January, browser vendors scrambled to create mitigations to prevent the vulnerabilities from being exploited via maliciously-crafted web pages, as a JavaScript-based proof-of-concept was developed by researchers that could read the memory of the host browser process. Foremost among the mitigations to this attack… Читать далее »

How to protect your organization against 5 common browser security threats

Автор: | 22.06.2018

Regardless of your choice of web browser, there are both engineered and unintentional threats which can put you at risk when using it. I wrote this past April about five common browser security threats, and how to handle them. Unfortunately, there are well more than five threats which can target the web browser and it… Читать далее »

The 7 most popular programming languages for AR and VR developers

Автор: | 22.06.2018

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are slowly but surely gaining more business use cases as the technology develops, leading to an increased demand for skilled developers who can create apps for the enterprise. While VR has perhaps made the largest impact on the consumer side thanks to gaming, enterprise AR adoption is further… Читать далее »

Making sense of Microsoft’s cloud developer platform

Автор: | 18.06.2018

In early 2016, Microsoft stated in a “Microsoft by the numbers” announcement that more than 25% of Azure virtual machines (VMs) were Linux. By the end of 2016, it was saying “nearly one in three”. In October 2017, it announced 40% of VMs in Azure were running Linux. «; } }); /** * remove unnecessary… Читать далее »

Windows 10 black screen problems fixed, as Microsoft patches 50 security flaws

Автор: | 14.06.2018

This article originally appeared on ZDNet. Microsoft has fixes for 50 security flaws in its June Patch Tuesday update and has released quality improvements and fixes for Windows 10 version 1803 or the Windows 10 April 2018 Update. The KB4284835 update moves Windows 10 version 1803 to OS Build 17134.112 and addresses an issue that… Читать далее »

Want a job with a shorter commute? LinkedIn’s new feature uses data to find one for you

Автор: | 08.06.2018

In a Thursday blog post, LinkedIn announced plans for a new feature that is expected to aid job hunters and hiring managers by helping users search for open positions by their estimated commute time. The new feature, Commute Time, came in response to a recent LinkedIn survey that found that more than 80% of respondents… Читать далее »

Microsoft Excel: How these new features point the way to the future

Автор: | 08.06.2018

Part of the promise of Microsoft 365 is that it’s a platform that extends from device to cloud and back again, bringing together Windows, its development tooling, Office 365, and Azure, as well as management and security tools. That’s a big promise, as it requires Microsoft to deliver on several fronts at the same time,… Читать далее »