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Security pros beware: VPNFilter malware is more dangerous than first thought

Автор: | 07.06.2018

VPNFilter, an advanced malware attack believed to be developed by a nation-state actor, is more dangerous than first thought according to new research by Cisco Talos. The malware has been found to infect routers targeting the SMB and home office market. The newest report expands the list of routers known to be vulnerable, as well… Читать далее »

Business not learning from past cyber security incidents

Автор: | 07.06.2018

Cyber security incident after incident is demonstrating organisations are still failing in the basics, but they also show that few are learning from others’ past mistakes, according to Troy Hunt, Pluralsight author and security expert. “A good example of this is the BrowseAloud compromise that hit thousands of government websites and organisations in the UK and around the… Читать далее »

Attackers can hide malware in archive files with Zip Slip flaw; here’s how to fight it

Автор: | 07.06.2018

A recently disclosed vulnerability in how open source software libraries handle archive files reveals that it only takes a malicious archive and a lack of validation checking to give total control of a victim machine to an attacker. Dubbed Zip Slip, the vulnerability was discovered by researchers from software firm Snyk, and it affects multiple… Читать далее »

GitHub: A cheat sheet — TechRepublic

Автор: | 05.06.2018

GitHub is one of the most popular repositories for developers to house their ongoing projects. However, this repository goes well beyond being a storage platform for developers. With GitHub you can collaborate on projects and invite other programmers to work on your project from anywhere. GitHub works seamlessly with the command-line tool Git, wherein developers… Читать далее »

How developers can make their Alexa Skills easier to discover

Автор: | 02.06.2018

Amazon is making it easier for Alexa Skills developers to reach the right users, according to a Wednesday Alexa blog post. The CanFulfillIntentRequest interface—launched in beta this week—allows a skill to provide information about its ability to fulfill a customer request at runtime. Alexa will combine this information with a machine learning model to find… Читать далее »

The 10 programming languages developers use most with Node.js

Автор: | 31.05.2018

Three out of four Node.js users plan to increase their use in the next year, due to the JavaScript runtime environment’s ability to build mobile, web, and IoT applications, along with robotics and API engines, according to a Thursday report from the Node.js Foundation. The foundation surveyed some 1,600 tech workers and managers across more… Читать далее »

The top 10 jobs older tech workers are seeking, and how to land one

Автор: | 30.05.2018

The tech industry struggles with pervasive ageism in hiring, but older and younger workers also tend to seek different jobs in the field, according to a Wednesday report from job search site Indeed. Millennials are now the largest generation in the US labor force, and tend to be more interested in tech jobs than their… Читать далее »

Why Microsoft’s AI is about helping anyone’s intelligent agent

Автор: | 18.05.2018

In the new age of intelligent agents such as Google Home and Alexa from Amazon, Microsoft sees its primary role as a multi-device AI platform provider. This was among the main messages to come out of the company’s recent Build developer conference in Seattle. Unlike its two main rivals, its CEO, Satya Nadella, positions the… Читать далее »

New Microsoft Edge security features were just bypassed, opening door for exploits

Автор: | 12.05.2018

Researchers at Google’s Project Zero have bypassed Microsoft Edge security features that Microsoft designed to prevent the execution of malicious code. Created to replace the aging Internet Explorer web browser, Microsoft Edge was built with security in mind. As is often the case with large software projects like a web browser, oversights occur, and in… Читать далее »

The 6 best blockchain jobs of the future

Автор: | 12.05.2018

While blockchain adoption remains slow, industries including finance, manufacturing, and healthcare are exploring the developing technology’s potential to create business advantages like reduced operational costs, faster transaction speeds, and more secure records. An estimated 1,520 blockchain startup companies are now looking for workers, along with a number of corporations like IBM and Microsoft. As the… Читать далее »