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ASUS replaces touchpad with touchscreen: Can it boost productivity for professionals?

Автор: | 05.06.2018

ASUS has unveiled their newest generation of notebook PCs at Computex 2018 in Taiwan. The flagship model of the new lineup is the ZenBook Pro, which swaps the standard touchpad input with a 1080p 5.5″ touch display. This is an obvious counter to the MacBook Pro’s touch bar, which supplanted the function keys with a… Читать далее »

Is Google finally killing Android tablets in favor of Chrome devices?

Автор: | 05.06.2018

An update to the Android product spotlight website on May 31st resulted in the complete removal of the Tablets section. Naturally, this development prompted the tech press to declare Android tablets dead. This pronouncement was complicated somewhat following a tweet by Android senior vice president, Hiroshi Lockheimer, indicating that the removal was the result of… Читать далее »

NVIDIA HGX-2 GPU blends AI and HPC for next-gen business computing

Автор: | 30.05.2018

NVIDIA has unveiled the Tesla V100-powered HGX-2 appliance, the follow-up to last year’s HGX-1 cloud server system intended for GPU compute workloads. The HGX-2, unveiled in a Tuesday press release, is meant for developers working with large data sets, such as those associated with image recognition and language translation. In terms of raw computational ability,… Читать далее »

IBM adds deduplication to Spectrum Virtualize, and Storwize arrays

Автор: | 22.05.2018

After long professing the uselessness of data deduplication, IBM has announced that it will integrate the technology into its software-defined Spectrum Virtualize and StorWize storage arrays. This mirrors a move by Dell EMC, which recently did the same for its Unity and VMax arrays. After stating for some months that data deduplication had little use… Читать далее »

Lenovo launches full Windows 10 laptops that are cheaper than some Chromebooks

Автор: | 12.05.2018

For anyone searching for a low-cost laptop, Lenovo’s new offerings might be the pick for you. Their newly-announced IdeaPad laptops start at $249.99 and will be available in the US by the end of the month. The new line of laptops feature the IdeaPad 330, 330S, and 530S, all of which will come equipped with… Читать далее »

Chromebooks: A cheat sheet — TechRepublic

Автор: | 08.05.2018

With every passing iteration of technology more and more of the things we use most move to the cloud. Google knows this, which is why it created products such as G Suite, which allow users to create, edit, and store documents online. Chrome, Google’s market-dominating web browser, has turned into an operating system that’s unique… Читать далее »

How to get started with the Swordfish storage management standard

Автор: | 08.05.2018

Swordfish storage management standard Image: SNIA The promise of a universal storage management standard is 20 years old and is full of starts, stops, and vendor lip service—but the latest attempt, called Swordfish, is now available for optimistic system administrators to test drive. Officials of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) said they learned from… Читать далее »

Beware of Russian attackers impersonating LoJack security software to hack computers

Автор: | 03.05.2018

Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? Here are the big takeaways: The attack relies in part on the LoJack small implant loader being trusted by antivirus software, as the software has legitimate purposes. There is no indication that LoJack’s infrastructure itself has been compromised. The popular device security software LoJack—previously known as Computrace—has been… Читать далее »

How Cray is using HPC to open up AI use cases from the datacentre

Автор: | 28.04.2018

The past few years have seen almost every major technology firm talk up the potential for artificial intelligence (AI) to transform the enterprise, providing the skills and compute barriers blocking progress can be overcome. On the skills front, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, for example, have all set out plans to make the technology more accessible… Читать далее »

The 5 greenest tech companies in 2018

Автор: | 20.04.2018

The environmental movement has shown no signs of slowing down nearly half way through 2018. In advance of Earth Day, Apple announced that it was going full clean energy, powering all of its offices, data centers, and stores with a variety of environmentally-friendly power sources. Apple also wrangled some of its suppliers into committing to… Читать далее »