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How to use WSUS Offline Update for Windows clients and servers

Автор: | 06.06.2018

Getty Images/iStockphoto While everyone can agree that keeping on top of updates is of paramount importance to keeping devices protected, there are several alternatives that exist to the method of downloading updates directly from each client and server device. Among these include Microsoft’s own enterprise solution, Systems Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and Windows Server Update… Читать далее »

Developers shouldn’t worry: GitHub will remain ‘open platform’ after acquisition, CEO says

Автор: | 06.06.2018

Microsoft recently announced its $7.5 billion acquisition of GitHub, and developers everywhere started freaking out. Why? Because some felt that Microsoft would ruin the platform, taking away its openness. However, that won’t happen, GitHub CEO Chris Wanstrath wrote in a blog post on Monday. In fact, Wanstrath wrote, Microsoft and GitHub have the same vision… Читать далее »

How the blockchain could help build a decentralized media economy

Автор: | 31.05.2018

Jarrod Dicker, CEO of Po.et, talked with Dan Patterson about how his company uses the blockchain to document media assets. Watch the video, or read the full transcript of their conversation below: Patterson: The decentralized media economy is here. What the heck is a decentralized media economy? Well, surprise, surprise, it runs on the blockchain.… Читать далее »

Cracking open Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition game console

Автор: | 31.05.2018

If you’re a gamer who grew up in the 1980s (like me), odds are you helped Link rescue Princess Zelda or Mario defeat King Bowser on a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Thirty-plus years later, Nintendo is helping those gamers relive their old-school victories with the NES Classic Edition. Released in November 2016, the NES Classic… Читать далее »

Microsoft Office 365 will now maintain a minimum of 100 versions of your documents

Автор: | 28.05.2018

Digital collaboration between a mobile workforce is one of the hallmarks of Microsoft’s Office 365 market strategy. Many of the features and application improvements implemented by the company over the past few years have been undertaken to satisfy the belief that a younger workforce is accustomed to performing in a cooperative, collaborative digital environment. To… Читать далее »

Top 5: Ways people get scammed on social media

Автор: | 18.05.2018

Social media is fun isn’t it? Except when you’re arguing with your uncle. Or anyone’s uncle. Or when you’re getting scammed. Some scams are obvious. But are all of them? Maybe not. Here are the top five types of scams to avoid on social media: 1. Romance Someone can sweet talk you into any of… Читать далее »

How to make open source work for your company

Автор: | 16.05.2018

Is your company a cesspool of proprietary software politics? Do you long for the day that your code can live free in the open source license of your choice? Well, it’s time to stop blaming The Man and start introspecting a bit. Or, rather, to stop introspecting and start doing something. Individuals, not companies, change… Читать далее »

Chromebooks: A cheat sheet — TechRepublic

Автор: | 08.05.2018

With every passing iteration of technology more and more of the things we use most move to the cloud. Google knows this, which is why it created products such as G Suite, which allow users to create, edit, and store documents online. Chrome, Google’s market-dominating web browser, has turned into an operating system that’s unique… Читать далее »

How to manage Apple devices in K-12 schools: 5 tips

Автор: | 01.05.2018

Chromebooks may dominate the K-12 market, but Apple is making moves to become more education-friendly, recently unveiling a new $299 iPad for the education market with custom software and support for the Apple Pencil and augmented reality (AR). «Apple has a long history with K-12 schools and education in general,» said Tom Daccord, co-author of… Читать далее »

How to find what’s taking up space on your Mac using DaisyDisk

Автор: | 01.05.2018

Image: Jack Wallen I remember, shortly after I purchased my MacBook Pro and rendering a few videos, my 500GB SSD drive space had vanished. I had no idea what was going on. It wasn’t until I discovered the Final Cut Pro project backups were saved in one giant file that I managed to reclaim my… Читать далее »