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How to optimize your creative content for IGTV

Автор: | 10.07.2018

Instagram continues to garner more attention from the masses as it adds new features quite regularly. Now, it’s taken this a step further with the announcement of IGTV, which is aimed at luring serious content creators. IGTV is a new service that allows video content creators to upload videos longer than the typical 60-second duration… Читать далее »

Superbike team adds managed UC to support racers

Автор: | 09.07.2018

Crescent Racing, Pata Yamaha Official WorldSBK Team, is tapping into managed unified communications (UC) and IT services from GCI to support its bid for success in the 2018 World Superbike Championships. Over the past two decades, says managing director and team principal Paul Denning, Crescent has competed and achieved success in a number of motorbike racing… Читать далее »

Passwords alone are not good enough

Автор: | 09.07.2018

Information Security Forum (ISF) Passwords should be a relic of a bygone era, yet despite well-known shortcomings, the use of password-based authentication remains as ubiquitous as ever. Passwords date back to Roman times – sentries would only allow individuals to pass if they knew the “watchword”, which was circulated daily. Transposed to the computing world,… Читать далее »

We need to take ‘black box’ out of AI to increase diversity, says panel

Автор: | 09.07.2018

People developing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies should consider the front end of these systems as well as the back end, says a panel. At the Women of Silicon Roundabout event in London, it was pointed out that there is a lot of discussion around the importance of making sure AI algorithms aren’t biased, but teams should also… Читать далее »

Three chooses SSE for 5G fibre backhaul

Автор: | 09.07.2018

Mobile network operator (MNO) Three has enhanced its collaboration with SSE Enterprise Telecoms to connect its network into BT’s local telephone exchanges, facilitating fibre backhaul connections from mobile masts to datacentres, as it lays the groundwork for its future 5G mobile network. Having made telecoms history in the UK 15 years ago when it became… Читать далее »

Enhance efficiency by automating IT services

Автор: | 09.07.2018

We look at the role of artificial intelligence and chatbots in IT service management Share this item with your network: Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is serving an important role in IT service management (ITSM) as organisations seek to become more efficient and find ways to avoid repetitive tasks. «; } }); /** * remove unnecessary… Читать далее »

Investment flows into Nordic startups from all directions

Автор: | 07.07.2018

Emea Content Editor, Computer Weekly Banks, IT firms and private investors are all wading into the Nordic tech startup scene from different angles. Across the Nordic region, leading Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish private equity firms are showing an increasing level of interest in startups and maturing IT enterprises developing products in areas including digital… Читать далее »

Why Microsoft and Apple are scrambling to release dark mode versions of apps and services

Автор: | 07.07.2018

What’s Hot at TechRepublic On Tuesday, an Outlook.com team member announced that users can look forward to a new «dark mode» feature coming soon. In a feedback post, the team member announced that plans for an Outlook dark mode have been underway for several months. For Halloween last year, users were given the opportunity to… Читать далее »

How changes in retail law could affect customer experience

Автор: | 06.07.2018

New regulation surrounding payment authentication could make it more difficult to offer a seamless customer experience, according to MasterCard. The financial services provider said the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) will mean that a higher percentage of people will be asked to authenticate their payments when purchasing goods online, which could lead to more interruptions… Читать далее »

Mini-glossary: Cryptocurrency terms you need to know

Автор: | 06.07.2018

Digital, decentralized currencies known as cryptocurrency are all the rage right now, but let’s be honest: Unless you’re well-versed in the intricacies of how they work, it’s hard to wrap your head around them. Making good investments requires expert knowledge, and cryptocurrency is even more complicated than the average financial market. Anyone hoping to make… Читать далее »