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Brain Food botnet infected 5,000+ websites with malicious PHP scripts in past 4 months

Автор: | 24.05.2018

Researchers at security firm Proofpoint have spent the past few months tracking the explosive growth of a botnet they dub «Brain Food,» named for its use of bogus brain supplement and diet pills to lure in phishing victims. According to its report, Proofpoint has discovered more than 5,000 infected websites while investigating Brain Food’s four-month… Читать далее »

Google Cloud Platform: A cheat sheet

Автор: | 15.05.2018

From its humble beginnings with Google App Engine back in 2008, Google has grown its Google Cloud Platform (GCP) into one of the premier cloud computing platforms on the market today. While it is still following its top competitors Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, Google is holding its own in the cloud wars… Читать далее »

How to install the asset manager Snipe-IT on Ubuntu Server

Автор: | 11.05.2018

Your company IT assets continue to pile up, so much so, that you can no longer keep track of what you own, how something has been deployed, who is working with what desktop, and the details of every server in your data center. To that end, you need the right tool to keep track of… Читать далее »

How to monitor your Apache web server logs with log.io

Автор: | 02.05.2018

As a web server admin, one of your most important tasks is being able to easily monitor logs in real time. Having this ability can mean the difference between knowing what’s going right or wrong with your web servers, and how to resolve issues quickly. But for some admins, having to SSH into a server… Читать далее »

How to install RackTables on CentOS 7

Автор: | 25.04.2018

Image: Jack Wallen If you own a data center and a company with a large number of hardware devices, chances are you’ll want to use a centralized tool to serve as an asset manager. There are a lot of options available, one of which is open source and free. That’s RackTables. RackTables lets you keep… Читать далее »

Drupal admins: Get ready for emergency out-of-band patch for critical vulnerability

Автор: | 24.04.2018

Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? Here are the big takeaways: Drupal developers have announced another emergency patch for release on Wednesday. Drupal administrators are advised to patch urgently. Last month’s Drupalgeddon 2 vulnerability is presently being exploited by at least three different malware families. Once again, the developers of Drupal are preparing an… Читать далее »

How to install Mantis Bug Tracker on Ubuntu

Автор: | 24.04.2018

Image: Jack Wallen Bug tracking is a necessity. Your developers depend upon an easy way to of track those bugs, otherwise it would be difficult to know what issues are plaguing the system and what issues have been resolved. I recently walked you through the process of installing osTicket. The one asset that particular system… Читать далее »

How to check package dependencies with apt-rdepends

Автор: | 19.04.2018

Image: Jack Wallen How many times have you hesitated to install an application on a debian-based Linux distribution simply because you weren’t sure of what dependencies the application might install. Maybe that hesitation is because you’re dealing with a server and you can’t risk installing a dependency that might wreak havoc on your running services.… Читать далее »

How to install osTicket on Ubuntu 16.04

Автор: | 18.04.2018

Image: osTicket Most companies, especially those that deploy in-house built software, depend upon a ticketing system. These systems allow users to report problems with software or hardware, and make it easier for developers and technicians to stay on top of issues. Some of these systems can be very complex, both to install and use. Fortunately,… Читать далее »