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How to install Ubuntu Server 18.04

Автор: | 24.05.2018

The new Ubuntu Server has arrived and it promises to be the most cloud-friendly platform on the planet. Whether that is true or not has yet to be decided. However, what has been made crystal clear is that the installation of Ubuntu Server has changed. Although the installation is still text-based (keeping it on the… Читать далее »

IBM adds deduplication to Spectrum Virtualize, and Storwize arrays

Автор: | 22.05.2018

After long professing the uselessness of data deduplication, IBM has announced that it will integrate the technology into its software-defined Spectrum Virtualize and StorWize storage arrays. This mirrors a move by Dell EMC, which recently did the same for its Unity and VMax arrays. After stating for some months that data deduplication had little use… Читать далее »

Google adds new enterprise networking, security features to Kubernetes Engine 1.10

Автор: | 21.05.2018

On Monday, Google announced the general availability of Kubernetes Engine 1.10, with a host of new enterprise-grade features for improved security, logging, and monitoring. The open source Google Kubernetes Engine, launched in 2014, quickly became «the Linux of the cloud,» according to Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation. Today, 54% of Fortune 500… Читать далее »

Target AR makeup shopping showcases future of digital transformation in retail

Автор: | 17.05.2018

On Wednesday, Target rolled out augmented reality (AR) and digital chat services to help customers more easily shop for cosmetics online and in store, with the goal of increasing beauty sales in the company. Target Beauty Studio, available on Target.com’s desktop and mobile versions, leverages AR to allow customers to virtually try on hundreds of… Читать далее »

British Airways’ global B2B sales gathered under Salesforce cloud

Автор: | 17.05.2018

Business Applications Editor British Airways has brought its business-to-business sales effort together globally under the umbrella of Salesforce’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) Sales Cloud. More recently, the airline’s sales staff have benefited from the use of the SaaS provider’s enterprise collaboration platform, Chatter. Ed Millington-Jones, sales enablement manager at BA, describes how the airline began the move… Читать далее »

What Linux apps on Chrome OS means for open source

Автор: | 17.05.2018

Image: Jack Wallen I own a Pixel 2 laptop. Right now, it’s collecting dust, which is a shame, as it’s some of the best hardware I’ve ever used. And don’t get me wrong, for the longest time I used that Pixel proudly. But eventually I needed more like when edits came back for a book… Читать далее »

US considers UK-style cyber defence model

Автор: | 16.05.2018

A report by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) indicates US national cyber defence strategy is moving to one similar to that used in the UK. The move is outlined in a newly-unveiled strategy to address the evolving threats to US cyber and critical infrastructure security. The government “must think beyond the defence of… Читать далее »

Low-code platforms: A cheat sheet

Автор: | 16.05.2018

Developers are in high demand and short supply, and many companies are left without the tech talent needed to build apps or automate business processes as pressure for new software to support digital transformation efforts mounts. Companies unable to hire developers in this hot market—and even businesses with developers that want to free up more… Читать далее »

DeepMind research shows AI can make itself more human, and businesses should take notice

Автор: | 16.05.2018

Alphabet’s DeepMind recently developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that taught itself how to navigate the world like a mammal, according to a blog post. The discovery signifies that AI could become more human, and that it could to it all on its own. The research began as an effort to determine how accurately AI… Читать далее »

HP, DiSTI partner platform could bring low-cost VR training to the enterprise

Автор: | 16.05.2018

On Tuesday, HP and the DiSTI Corporation announced a partnership to provide cost-effective virtual reality (VR) training for enterprises, with a focus on maintenance and operations training for vehicles, aircraft, and industrial equipment. Advances in VR and augmented reality (AR) have made the technologies more of a reality for enterprise training purposes in recent years.… Читать далее »