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Что произошло с Microsoft Surface Andromeda? » Community

Автор: | 20.07.2018

За последние пару недель в сети появилось довольно много новых размышлений о мифическом устройстве Andromeda от Microsoft, в том числе предположения о прекращении разработке мобильного девайса с двумя экранами, которые, безусловно, не очень понравились оптимистам и преданным фанатам компании. Проще говоря, слухи указывали и на перенос сроков анонса, и на значительные аппаратные изменения, а на… Читать далее »

Доступно новое накопительное обновление для Windows 10 April 2018 Update (17134.166) » Community

Автор: | 17.07.2018

Сегодня компания Microsoft опубликовала очередное накопительное обновление для Windows 10 April 2018 Update, которое призвано исправить ошибки, найденные в предыдущем обновлении, выпущенном всего 6 дней назад. Обновление распространяется под названием KB4345421 и изменяет номер сборки системы на 17134.166. Исправлена проблема, из-за которой на некоторых устройствах, на которых выполнялись рабочие нагрузки сетевого мониторинга, возникала ошибка 0xD1… Читать далее »

Microsoft Surface Go: What the pros need to know

Автор: | 10.07.2018

After widespread speculation, Microsoft unveiled the Surface Go tablet on Tuesday—the first Surface-branded 10″ tablet since the non-Pro Surface 3 was introduced in May 2015. Microsoft detailed the compact design in a TechNet blog post. The Surface Go, like the Surface 3, is an Intel-powered tablet. As a result, the Surface Go comes with Windows… Читать далее »

How to become a developer: A cheat sheet

Автор: | 10.07.2018

Developers are among the most highly sought-after tech professionals in the workforce, with increased demand and talent shortages leading to large salaries for many of those in the field. That said, software development is a dynamic field, in which new programming languages, frameworks, and technologies may live and die within a few years, and job… Читать далее »

Tackling the digital identity problem

Автор: | 10.07.2018

Thank you for joining! Access your Pro+ Content below. 10 July 2018 Tackling the digital identity problem Share this item with your network: In this week’s Computer Weekly, as UK government attempts to create a digital identity standard flounder, we examine progress on establishing the online ID system the digital economy needs. Barclays Bank talks… Читать далее »

Selling tech initiatives to the board: Eight success tips for IT leaders

Автор: | 10.07.2018

Several years ago, when I was on the board of a startup SaaS company, I made it a point to have lunch with the new CIO to get acquainted and to brief him on what board meetings were like. I had spent time as a CIO and a senior IT manager in my own right—and… Читать далее »

5 ways to protect your privacy

Автор: | 10.07.2018

Your privacy is under assault. And I’m not just talking about Facebook. Governments, advertisers, even ISPs want to track you for various reasons from monetization to surveillance. While laws like Europe’s GDPR are trying to give the user more control, you can take matters into your own hands, just to be sure. Here 5 ways… Читать далее »

Timehop breach hits 21 million users due to a lack of 2FA on cloud services

Автор: | 10.07.2018

This article originally appeared on our sister site ZDNet. Timehop, a service that surfaces a user’s past social media content, has revealed a security breach that hit the company on July 4, and resulted in a database of 21 million users hit. As a result, the company has voided all social media authorisation tokens it… Читать далее »

Holiday Extras uses machine learning and artificial intelligence for personalisation

Автор: | 10.07.2018

Holiday Extras has launched an application that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to personalise its user experience. The company, which allows consumers to book extra services when they travel, has begun using AI to use customer data to make service or product recommendations that are more likely to meet a particular customer’s needs.… Читать далее »

This new dual-platform malware targets both Windows and Linux systems

Автор: | 09.07.2018

One of the oft-repeated reasons for using alternative operating systems is the suggestion that alternatives to Windows are more secure because malware is not produced for these minority systems—in effect, an argument in favor of security by minority. For a variety of reasons, this is a misguided notion. The proliferation of web-based attacks—which are inherently… Читать далее »