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Enhance efficiency by automating IT services

Автор: | 09.07.2018

We look at the role of artificial intelligence and chatbots in IT service management Share this item with your network: Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is serving an important role in IT service management (ITSM) as organisations seek to become more efficient and find ways to avoid repetitive tasks. «; } }); /** * remove unnecessary… Читать далее »

How to install and use the Avast Online Security extension in Firefox

Автор: | 07.07.2018

These days, we need every single bit of security we can find. And platform doesn’t matter. That’s right, once upon a time I’d have said, «If you’re looking to keep your computing experience 100% safe, you should be using Linux!» However, now that so many depend upon a web browser to get their work done,… Читать далее »

Why public cloud and edge computing are essential to the future of smart cities

Автор: | 07.07.2018

Sometime in early 2019, the self-driving e.GO Mover bus will hit the streets in Germany. The electrically powered vehicle can transport up to 10 people, with a battery that lasts for 10 hours or so. And, it’s powered by the cloud. The Microsoft Azure cloud platform, to be exact. While autonomous vehicles powered by the… Читать далее »

Infosec community welcomes bank sector focus on cyber resilience

Автор: | 07.07.2018

The Bank of England (BoE) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have given the UK finance sector three months to explain how they can avoid damaging IT breakdowns and respond to the growing threat of cyber attacks. The move comes just over a week after a Bank of England report in which cyber attack was cited as… Читать далее »

How to use Vivaldi’s Web Panels

Автор: | 07.07.2018

Recently, the Firefox Test Pilot program introduced a new experiment called Side View, which enables users to add websites into a sidebar that allows for side-by-side viewing of pages in the same tab. When I first started using Side View, I knew there was no going back … this experiment made for some seriously efficient,… Читать далее »

New tool lets businesses create plain text site that doesn’t need to be hosted anywhere

Автор: | 06.07.2018

On Wednesday, a new tool dropped that allows anyone to create a plain text website that exists solely as a URL—which means it’s not hosted on any site, and does not require any fee. Created by Nicholas Jitkoff, the vice president of design at Dropbox, itty.bitty sites are contained entirely within their own link. Each… Читать далее »

Mini-glossary: Cryptocurrency terms you need to know

Автор: | 06.07.2018

Digital, decentralized currencies known as cryptocurrency are all the rage right now, but let’s be honest: Unless you’re well-versed in the intricacies of how they work, it’s hard to wrap your head around them. Making good investments requires expert knowledge, and cryptocurrency is even more complicated than the average financial market. Anyone hoping to make… Читать далее »

How to install MyWebSQL on Ubuntu 16.04

Автор: | 06.07.2018

If you use the MySQL database, chances are you’re always looking for a better tool to make the administration a bit easier. Fortunately, there are a number of such tools available. One is MyWebSQL. This tool is lesser known than its competition (such as phpMyAdmin). But this particular tool (which can work with MySQL, PostgreSQL,… Читать далее »

5 cloud-based payroll processing services SMBs should consider

Автор: | 06.07.2018

For businesses both large and small, sophisticated or fly-by-night, there is one universal task that must be completed on a periodic basis no matter what: payroll. And while it is a time-consuming, tedious task requiring reams of documentation and accurate record-keeping, it can’t be avoided. No business can survive without paying employees for their work.… Читать далее »

Programmer tried to sell cyberweapon on dark web for $50M: Reminder to secure employees

Автор: | 06.07.2018

A senior programmer at Israeli security contractor NSO Group facing dismissal from his role stole the source code for the firm’s powerful spyware Pegasus and attempted to sell it on the dark web for $50 million, according to Israeli newspaper Globes. The employee began working at the company in November 2017, and had access to… Читать далее »